Kent State 8— vol.2 (Open Styles Dance Battle) BSIDE

Kent State 8— vol.2 (Open Styles Dance Battle) BSIDE

B Side Lounge
Ages 21+
Kent State 8— vol.2 (Open Styles Dance Battle)


The "Kent State 8" returns to celebrate its 2nd anniversary as an open style Hip Hop dance tournament showcasing authentic Hip Hop culture to the campus of Kent State University.

Presented by the Kent State Dance Division, the Kent State 8 will feature many diverse and talented dancers battling head to head for the coveted KS8 Championship title. The event will also feature special student showcases by Kent State dance groups, the HipHop classes, and special guest performances.

Cyphers will be held in between rounds where students and professional dancers will have the opportunity to compete for the Cypher King or Queen.


12.5.19 — Open Styles Prelims

Pre-Selections to Top 16 → Top 4

12.6.19 — KS8 Main Event Battle

Top 4 from Prelims + 4 Battle Guest + The Finals

12.7.19 — Master Classes

3 Classes + 3 Guest Instructors + 3 Styles

DJ —


Judges —

Daisun “BZ Brooks” Santana (CLE)

Conrad “Abel” Miles (CLE)

Antonio “Tohn” Hutasoit (NYC / NJ)

Tickets —

Spectators: $10 to spectate / $5 Student Discount

Dancers: $10 to battle at Prelims / Watch Main Event KS8 Battle Friday

Prize —

$500 & KS8 Crown

Cypher King & Queen Crown

Contact Samuel McIntosh ( for further information!

Venue Information:
B Side Lounge